Mechanics of a DSLR / Mirrorless Cameras

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Want to gain a better understanding of your digital single reflex camera (DSLR), or your digital mirrorless camera.
Want to take your camera off of automatic or program control to gain more flexibility and creativity with your picture taking options.


Learn to take control of your camera instead of the camera controlling you! Learn the difference between aperture and shutter priority, and when to use manual mode instead. There are ways to compensate for harsh light, low light, natural light and ambient light. Perhaps you want to take a close up portrait and focus on the eyes, letting the rest of the face fade away. What about the split second to catch your kid at bat connecting with the ball for a home run? Or the velvety smooth essence of a waterfall. The better you understand your camera, the quicker your reactions are which is necessary when photographing life.

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Some recent feedback from our students:

I want to thank you again for getting me taken care of with this course. I actually loved it so much, I purchased the other one as well. I’ve now taken both the Rules of Composition AND Mechanics of a DSLR. Both courses were wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone – and will! – Angie England

Course Features

  • Lectures 9
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 118 minutes
  • Skill level All levels
  • Language English
  • Students 23
  • Assessments Yes
  • Lessons 0/9

    • Lecture1.1
      1.1 Aperture 18 min
    • Lecture1.2
      1.2 Shutter Priority 23 min
    • Lecture1.3
      1.3 Manual Mode 11 min
    • Lecture1.4
      1.4 Metering 07 min
    • Lecture1.5
      1.5 ISO 09 min
    • Lecture1.6
      1.6 Long Exposures 10 min
    • Lecture1.7
      1.7 Time of Day 22 min
    • Lecture1.8
      1.8 Focus 06 min
    • Lecture1.9
      1.9 Menu 12 min
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